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dalmatian- savannah holistic vet

“Dr. North has been treating my 14+-year-old Dalmatian since mid-August. When she first examined him he could barely walk without losing balance and even standing was nearly impossible for him. Honestly, I didn’t think he had much time left. Her caring approach and comprehensive treatments (acupuncture, herbs, Assisi Loop, and physical therapy routine) began to take hold within a few weeks and he has continued to improve. The change has been dramatic in 10 weeks. He is now walking on his own and is bright, alert and enjoying a good quality of life. Dr. North has gone the extra mile to help him feel better and again enjoy being a happy dog. I am so grateful for her skill and compassion.”

Bonnie Kubasta

dog on chair chewing on toy- savannah holistic veterinary care

“Dr. Neely has been treating Gigi since August and oh my have I seen a huge difference already! Gigi suffers from severe anxiety that started as storm anxiety and then escalated to separation anxiety as well. We both were suffering and I thought I had exhausted all of my options. I had her on several anxiety medications and maxed out on her dosages. She would still chew out of any crate! She broke off her teeth in the process. My poor pooch was so uptight all the time. Gigi also ate my drywall and door a few times. Now, she has been weaned off of most of her anxiety meds. She still takes one at the lowest dosage and some herbs that Dr. Neely prescribed. We have her acupuncture treatments scheduled every 4 weeks now, and she is a completely different dog. She can now lay in her kennel or out of the kennel without any issues, and also she will sleep through storms! We love Dr. Neely!!”

Bethany Long

poodle in dog bed- savannah holistic veterinary care

“We are so thankful for Dr. North! Our elderly poodle (Romeo) has severe stomach issues as well as a back issue, he is unable to take any traditional medicines due to his sensitive stomach.. so, we were thrilled when we learned that a holistic approach using Chinese Medicine was an option for him! He had a back episode last month, and the acupuncture treatments helped tremendously! Also, we are grateful for Dr. North’s home visits as Romeo is a rescue and has severe anxiety, so this is definitely a benefit for him – the special care that Dr. North provides is a blessing to us and our precious Romeo!”

Jeff Shaufelberger

black lab laying on floor- savannah holistic veterinary care

“Last summer our 12-year-old Labrador, Sammie walked across the living room floor and collapsed. Her hind legs gave out on her. We were up in northern Michigan and a quick trip to the vet came back with a scary diagnoses. Sammie had ruptured four discs in her back. He suggested we try medication and five weeks of complete rest but wasn’t very hopeful. After the five weeks I brought her home to see Dr. Neely North. I had seen how she had helped a friend’s aging Dachshund. Dr. North started Sammie on acupuncture treatments. After the first one Sammie seemed more comfortable. After the second there was marked improvement. After the third she was back to a new normal. A bit slower but able to build up to a daily mile walk and as you can see from this photo, at almost 13 years old she is pain-free and enjoying life. I can’t say enough for the skill, attention and genuine concern Dr. North has for all her patients and their humans. Acupuncture is a great healer. I’ve had it done on myself several times but with humans there is always the question did it work or was it a placebo effect? Dogs have none of these complicated possibilities. Dogs don’t know about acupuncture they just ARE the result. Thank you Neely North for all you do.”

Constance Gabrielli

“Acupuncture is something that has been almost magical for my two dogs. Our 11 year old lab Daisy has a multitude of health issues including two bad knees, IBD, allergies, and more. An acupuncture session with Dr. North helps calm her soul, allow her to rest peacefully at night, and also seems to boost her energy. Our other dog, a retired racing greyhound named Ridley, also has huge benefits from acupuncture. He has racing injuries that flare up and respond quite well to acupuncture. He also seems to get grounded and even more cuddly after a session. With both dogs sensitive to drugs, this is one of the best things you can do for your pet that will not cause any adverse reactions. No drugs, just needles and the magic they work on the little canine souls!”

Sara Merret

“I could not have been more pleased with the great care and love that Dr. North gave to my 10-year-old boxer Chloe. Chloe had been diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and spondylosis that was affecting her ability to walk and use her rear legs. However, Dr. North examined Chloe and recommended that we try a holistic approach using acupuncture along with Chloe’s current medication.

Although there is no cure for Degenerative Myelopathy, Dr. North’s acupuncture therapy slowed down the progression of Chloe’s disease and improved her quality of life.

Lastly, I cannot thank Dr. North enough for the compassion and care that she gave to Chloe during her several acupuncture sessions. Furthermore, I know without a doubt that the acupuncture treatments improved Chloe’s quality of life and it allowed us to have more precious time with our beautiful Chloe.”

Thank you from Chloe and her family,
Kevin Ennis