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“Higgins is definitely benefitting from his acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. We’ve seen that he’s limping less and he doesn’t have the rounding in his spine that he had when he started. He also wouldn’t let you get near his hip muscles when we started and now he’s ok with a light massage or even lets you rest your hand there.”

Sarra Swiatlowski-Rappaport

“Jammer was so stiff from arthritis that he started having a hard time getting up and became less active. He feels so much better now and there is a dramatic increase in his mobility.”

Jammer’s Mom

“I have been following Neely North for about 4 years. Wherever she went to practice I took Luke. Now she comes to the house, has more focused time to look at Luke and  to discuss and advise me in all areas of his life.  She has helped me tremendously in getting him on a whole foods and addressing his pain levels. Without her I would not know how to feed him properly or address his pain. Even on days that Luke does not want to walk, he will prance down the hall as I take his food to the laundry. It is wonderful that if something comes up a email or call will get a quick response from her. Besides that she is a kind, compassion, fun loving, sweet, engaging vet.”


“This is Lucy, she is 14 now and with the help of Dr. North’s acupuncture and pain management care,  she frequently runs around the yard playing like she is a puppy again!”


“Dr.Neely North ha been treating my Mastiff, Isabelle for about a year after a sudden onset of pain – later diagnosed with arthritis. After a few acupuncture sessions, dietary changes, and herbs recommended by Dr. Neely, Izzy is no longer suffering!”

Lisa Galipeau

“Lucy, an 11 year old Golden Retriever, has multiple health problems including a generalized anxiety disorder, partial facial paralysis and recurring episodes of pancreatitis and colitis, possibly caused by the anxiety.  Currently Lucy is suffering from arthritis in her hind legs which often causes her to lose her balance and fall when out for a short walk.  We started cold laser treatments, which seemed to be helping, but I reached out to Dr. North to see if acupuncture would do more to enhance Lucy’s quality of life.  I’m so glad I did because since we started seeing Dr. North, we’ve adjusted Lucy’s diet to add holistic supplements, began using an Assisi Loop daily and added acupuncture treatments.

Recently, Lucy began having head tremors, almost like mini seizures, in response to certain  sounds.  Dr. North prescribed Chinese herbs to treat these neurological events.
In addition, we started using CBD oil.

 Lucy loves when Dr. North comes to see her.  Her reaction to the acupuncture treatments has been positive and there’s no stress like when we go to the Veterinarian’s office.  Best of all, Lucy has more energy and seemed steadier on her feet. She even runs across the back yard and plays with the other dogs in our family.”

Marie Foley

“When Kito was 2 years old he jumped from a second floor balcony to chase ducks. We did not notice any injury right away. After a few months we saw a steady decline in personality and motility. He no longer wanted to be in the same room with us. He also no longer wanted to go on walks. We started to see Dr North as our primary veterinarian. We tried to manage pain with medication. This helped but we could tell our poor pup was still having issues. Dr North recommended acupuncture.  I will be the first to say I did not buy into thought of acupuncture right away. We trusted Dr North implicitly and we were willing to try anything for Kito. With acupuncture we started to see Kito’s personality again. Eventually we had to have a TPLO in one of his knees. We stopped doing acupuncture thinking problem was solved. 1 1/2 years later the 2nd knee gave out resulting in a 2nd TPLO. At this time Dr North had transitioned away from our regular vet office to focusing on Eastern Medicine. A year after the 2nd TPLO Kito started to drastically decline. He stopped eating. He could not walk very far in our yard without laying down. We would have to help him stand up. Our primary vet placed Kito on high doses of medication including one that could eventually result in other health issues. We sought out Dr North again for help and acupuncture.  Within 3 months of acupuncture Kito started running and playing with our other dogs again. By 4 months I took him off all pain meds after consulting with Dr North. When Kito was 3 I was told he walked like an old man and now at 7 a stranger was surprised with how youthful he acted. Kito had a rough few years in the prime of his life and with the help of Dr North and acupuncture he seems to be pain free and is living his best dog life. Kito loves Dr North. My husband and I cannot thank her enough for helping our baby.”

Jennifer Alexander

“Chance is a 4 yr old Maltese-Shih’Tzu mix and has been seeing Dr. North since February  for seizures. They started back in September 2019 and were progressively getting worse by the month both in frequency and intensity. We tried traditional medication but the side effects were not something I wanted him to endure indefinitely. After extensive research I found Dr. North and she has been just a Godsend for both Chance and my sanity. So far he’s had 3 acupuncture treatments along with customized herbal blend and CBD oil 2x a day with his new home cooked meal plan all per recommended by Dr. North. In just 2 short months he has already shown great improvement. The intensity & frequency of his seizures have significantly decreased. Before I met Dr. North I honestly feared for my  babies life due to rate of progression. Now I feel a sense of hope that this is something that can be managed without causing further harm to his other essential organs. We love Dr. North and thank her so much for being that beacon of hope for us.”


““I can help your dog”. These words, spoken by Dr. Neely North of Savannah Holistic Veterinary Medicine, still resonate almost 2 years later. My English Labrador Gus, 9 years old at the time, was suffering with severe arthritis. It had gotten so bad that he was whimpering  and unable to go on walks with his brother Max. Pain medications were just masking the problem. Dr. North  recommended diet alternatives such as cooking vegetables, changing treats to better options such as apple slices, to help him lose weight and Chinese herbs long with acupuncture to alleviate the pain. I honestly believe Gus would not be here 2 years later without Dr. North’s help. Gus looks forward to her home visits and so does his brother Max. Thank you Dr. North!”

Jacque Murry

“Words can’t describe what Dr. North has done for our family. When we began to work with her on holistic veterinary medicine for our 16 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Bear, he hd  been struggling with a degenerative spinal condition that he may have been born with. As he aged the problems began to occur limiting his mobility and making us very concerned about any pain he may be experiencing. There were days when he could barely walk. We had already been cooking for our dogs for years using an organic mix and adding protein, which had done wonders for Bear and cured all of his digestive issues. Once Bear began laser treatments,  acupuncture, the Assisi Loop, and Chinese herbs, Bear seemed almost as if he was getting younger! After his treatments he bounces around the house and yard and is hard to keep up with on walks. Bear is also a cancer survivor! We have been using frankincense essential oil in the areas where he had a tumor removed with dirty margins and giving him various supplements to help him fight cancer growth. We were told his cancer would likely grow back quickly yet it has been almost 2 years and it has not returned. Dr. North provides me with a wealth of information about how to care for our pets each time I see her. Our dogs get fresh turmeric every day and supplements to meet each of their individual needs. They are all very healthy and I have Dr. North and this practice of medicine to thank!”

Patty Myers

“I got to be here two years longer than expected because Dr Neely North treated me with her magic needles!” Sammie G.

“When our aging Lab was diagnosed with ruptured discs it was suggested that she probably needed to be put down. 

We were at our summer cottage on the Great Lakes. The vet there was great but only had drugs and complete rest as his suggested therapy. We did that for 5 weeks then I drove Sammie home so that Dr. Neely North could do acupuncture on her. Three treatments later she was chasing balls again and lived another two years basically pain free. I can not recommend Dr. North more and have!”

Constance Gabrielli

“Andy is doing quite well.  Although he’ll always have a limp due to his injury & surgery.  His physical ability to play and get around was immeasurably helped by the acupuncture.”

Shannon Hamed

“Buc-ee is our 5 year old Border Collie mix who has suffered from “tummy troubles” since he was 5 months old. In the Fall of 2018 he became severely ill with vomiting and diarrhea that required hospitalization. I sought out the care of a veterinary internal medicine specialist when he failed to improve. It was determined he suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, endoscopy revealing gastric ulcers and small bowel inflammation. He was a very sick dog! Changing his diet to a strictly limited home-made one, and an array of medications brought some improvement, but still he was far from “well” and badly underweight, often re-lapsing.  I knew there had to be a better way to improve his quality of life and lessen the use of medication that was resulting in other complications. I had read about Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and intrigued, researched all I could on it. The day I reached out to Dr North was the turning point in Buc-ee’s health! Through her skilled knowledge of acupuncture, and the simple addition of supplements and essential oils, Buc-ee was returning to a healthy state quickly! He gained weight as his body was finally able to be nourished, and he was able to come off all his medications. I am enormously thankful of Dr North for bringing this holistic approach to veterinary care. Buc-ee is as healthy as he is today because of her!”

L Parifinn

“My sweet Tia was treated by Dr. North to bring relief for spinal and forearm pain. It was during her acupuncture sessions, I knew she was truly pain free because she relaxed comfortably in my arms which was not something she did easily before sessions. 

Dr. North showed compassion, listened attentively to my concerns , and worked closely with my traditional veterinarian to bring Tia comfort in her last days with us. I admire her expertise and genuine love for what she does.”

Latricia Reisert, Savannah, Ga

black lab laying on floor- savannah holistic veterinary care

“Last summer our 12-year-old Labrador, Sammie walked across the living room floor and collapsed. Her hind legs gave out on her. We were up in northern Michigan and a quick trip to the vet came back with a scary diagnoses. Sammie had ruptured four discs in her back. He suggested we try medication and five weeks of complete rest but wasn’t very hopeful. After the five weeks I brought her home to see Dr. Neely North. I had seen how she had helped a friend’s aging Dachshund. Dr. North started Sammie on acupuncture treatments. After the first one Sammie seemed more comfortable. After the second there was marked improvement. After the third she was back to a new normal. A bit slower but able to build up to a daily mile walk and as you can see from this photo, at almost 13 years old she is pain-free and enjoying life. I can’t say enough for the skill, attention and genuine concern Dr. North has for all her patients and their humans. Acupuncture is a great healer. I’ve had it done on myself several times but with humans there is always the question did it work or was it a placebo effect? Dogs have none of these complicated possibilities. Dogs don’t know about acupuncture they just ARE the result. Thank you Neely North for all you do.”

Constance Gabrielli

“I could not have been more pleased with the great care and love that Dr. North gave to my 10-year-old boxer Chloe. Chloe had been diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and spondylosis that was affecting her ability to walk and use her rear legs. However, Dr. North examined Chloe and recommended that we try a holistic approach using acupuncture along with Chloe’s current medication.

Although there is no cure for Degenerative Myelopathy, Dr. North’s acupuncture therapy slowed down the progression of Chloe’s disease and improved her quality of life.

Lastly, I cannot thank Dr. North enough for the compassion and care that she gave to Chloe during her several acupuncture sessions. Furthermore, I know without a doubt that the acupuncture treatments improved Chloe’s quality of life and it allowed us to have more precious time with our beautiful Chloe.”

Thank you from Chloe and her family,
Kevin Ennis

“Acupuncture is something that has been almost magical for my two dogs. Our 11 year old lab Daisy has a multitude of health issues including two bad knees, IBD, allergies, and more. An acupuncture session with Dr. North helps calm her soul, allow her to rest peacefully at night, and also seems to boost her energy. Our other dog, a retired racing greyhound named Ridley, also has huge benefits from acupuncture. He has racing injuries that flare up and respond quite well to acupuncture. He also seems to get grounded and even more cuddly after a session. With both dogs sensitive to drugs, this is one of the best things you can do for your pet that will not cause any adverse reactions. No drugs, just needles and the magic they work on the little canine souls!”

Sara Merret

“Dr. North began treating my mixed breed rescue dog, Lulah, about two years ago for degenerative back issues. At the time she was 14 years old. Even after the first treatment, we saw continuous, positive improvement to Lulah’s health and well-being. Dr. North recognized various maladies and behaviors that led us to a multi-pronged treatment including acupuncture and diet changes. Because of Dr. North’s care Lulah no longer needed to take harsh painkillers that made her groggy and damaged her liver. Sadly, Lulah passed away in September 2018 but Dr. North was right there by our side as Lulah crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Lulah lived her last months in less pain and discomfort because of the acupuncture and holistic treatment Dr. North provided.


Fast forward several months and Lulah’s sister dog, Jia, began a terrible bout of vomiting that just wouldn’t stop. She spent a full week in the Emergency Vet and Regular Vet’s offices receiving fluid treatments to lower her elevated liver enzymes. While we couldn’t pinpoint an exact cause for the elevated levels, she was diagnosed with pancreatitis and given supplements to improve her liver and gall bladder functions. She was also put on an extremely strict low fat diet. Jia, 9 years old, had always looked up to her big sister Lulah for guidance and affirmation – never really having the self-confidence on her own. She was skittish around loud noises and over time her tolerance to thunderstorms grew less and less. Spring thunderstorms threw Jia into a full on panic attack of panting, shaking, and crouching behind or under her human as best she could. Jia’s all-inclusive treatment included acupuncture, herbs, home-cooked food, and CBD oil. Jia improved and she can now endure a thunderstorm with minimal concern. Her demeanor has brightened and I know it’s due to Dr. North’s insightful and meaningful care. I fully believe Jia was mourning the loss of her sister Lulah and it manifested itself into physical ailments such as the vomiting and anxiety. We are so thankful to Dr. North for her experienced care and concern.” 


“We are so grateful for Dr. Neely.  She is an amazing veterinarian, highly attuned healer, and a gracious human being.  She has been treating Manoush and Rodin since fall of 2019.  Her professional and caring guidance in treatment have been both on point and successful.  She always listens to our needs and exceeds our expectations!”

Sandra Smith

“When I contacted Dr. North, my senior dog was having a hard time getting up, making his way onto furniture, and was having accidents in the house- to sum it all up, he wasn’t feeling like himself. Dr. North helped to identify an underlying health issue and started acupuncture on Devo during her first home-visit. Amazingly, we saw an immediate change. Devo had more energy and was able to jump up on the bed and into the back of the truck without assistance! Devo has since started taking Chinese herbs, which he patiently waits to be sprinkled on top of his food before eating. He also loves his visits with Dr. North- not only does he become totally zen during his session, he is also always excited for all of the attention and treats  Dr. North gives him. We highly recommend holistic veterinary medicine and plan to integrate it into the lives of all of our future pets! In fact, my husband and I have been so impressed with Devo’s results, that we’ve recently taken up weekly acupuncture and holistic approaches for ourselves. We love Dr. North and everything that she has done for us!”

Haley Hiller

When we first moved to Savannah, I interviewed Dr. North because I wanted the best for my beagle, Katrina, who was diagnosed with kidney failure. We entrusted Dr. North with Katrina’s care; we never once questioned her commitment, her knowledge and her compassion. When KT (Katrina) was no longer able to fight, it was Dr. North who came to the home and helped KT to pass in peace and surrounded by her family.

I never forgot that; neither will Dr. North.

She repaired Milo’s knee and helped him recover. He was one of her first acupuncture patients.

When I was completing my dissertation for my doctorate, I once more interviewed Dr. North. I think her following quotes speak volumes about her compassion and professionalism:

“I am responsible for being an advocate for my patients – doing everything I can do to be sure their quality of life is the best it can be.”

“I see how important the human animal bond is and I see how hurtful it is when that is broken. We will all lose pets, but I like for their time with their human to be as long and as happy as possible. My empathy gets deeper with more time in this field- it has a lot to do with seeing people on one of the worst days of their life and helping to comfort them. The feeling of making that transition as painless and carefree as it can be for the animal is rewarding and it makes me realize how much they trust us… these things reinforce my commitment to animals and our bond with them.”

I trust Dr. North implicitly. I wish her the very best.

Dorothy J. Simnett, PhD

“As a fellow veterinarian and pet parent, I have watched in awe as Dr. North has treated my 9-year-old German shepherd for the past year for chronic orthopedic disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and kidney disease.  Dottie is doing great, and all she wants to do is play, play, play!  I wholly believe in the efficacy of acupuncture and refer all of my special patients to Dr. North.”

Dr. Karen O’Connor

“Jimmy used to take high doses of Prozac for his anxiety.  Since Dr. North started treating Jimmy with a combination of acupuncture, daily herbs and nutritional therapy, Jimmy no longer takes Prozac.  He is so much happier and calmer – and we really love cooking for him!”


“Dr. Neely North has brought my first child, Beckham, back to a joy filled life. Becks is 12 years old and has been through some rough days. He has a slipped disk, torn ligaments  and nerve damage from an attack several years ago. Dr. North gave him back his pep and he is now pleased as punch to lounge on our sofas, outdoor furniture, beds and, well everywhere. He is also thrilled to be investigated by his sister P….he is ever the optimist for a leftover snack or belly rub. We love our Dr. Neely!”

Anna Blackledge 

“I consider Dr. North’s monthly Acupuncture treatments essential to maintain the quality of the last year of Coal’s life and provide an easeful transition for both him and me.  With complications from a growing tumor in his spleen, dental issues and degradation of his hip joints, he had a slow decline, but he always responded well to dietary recommendations, and the needle treatments greatly improved his energy. Dr. North was extremely supportive with her compassionate expertise to help with the most natural transition possible. I’m so grateful!”

“Squid is a 12 year old poodle, who has a bit of anxiety and some arthritis in her hips and lower spine. Dr. North’s treatments consistently help with both! Her chiropractic adjustments have improved Squid’s range of motion in her neck and spine, and the acupuncture helps significantly with her anxiety.  Dietary recommendations and herbal supplements have also improved her energy and overall quality of life.”

Dawn Tanis

“Dr. Neely is the best! She started seeing my 6 year old mix breed dog about two years ago. We initially started seeing her because GiGi suffered from severe anxiety! She would chew the walls and doors if home alone, and then if placed in a kennel she would hurt herself in order to escape. Not to mention, the thunder storm anxiety she had on top of that! Dr. Neely developed a treatment plan and we started Gigi on some herbs and began with an acupuncture schedule. She improved so much over that time! She is so much calmer and her anxiety is controlled without excessive medication. Unfortunately she herniated a disc and ended up having spinal surgery a year ago but thankfully we were able to change our treatment plan up and get her some relief. She is back to normal and I can’t thank Dr. Neely enough for helping Gigi! She is doing so much better! We look forward to our next visit with Dr. Neely, Gigi absolutely loves her!”

Bethany Long

“Levi suffered from IBD and thyroid disease. I did everything I could for him, seeking help from five different veterinarians, but he eventually stopped eating.  I called Dr. Neely North who was truly a blessing to us.  Through holistic veterinary care and using Chinese medical practice, Levi began to eat again. Thanks to Dr. North, we had precious Levi with us for six more months.”

Marie Foley

“Dr. North did wonders for my beloved sidekick, Finnegan. Our nine-year-old sheltie had declined precipitously over a few months, to the point he could not walk as far as the mailbox, and no traditional vet had been able to offer either a diagosis or an effective treatment. Dr. North took the time to sort out the interrelated problems, and offer solutions. Herbal medications, acupuncture, diet to reduce inflammation and reduce weight, probiotics to reverse the effects of antibiotics on digestion, an Assissi loop to reduce pain. It is now a year later, and Finnegan is out hiking trails with me again every morning. I am forever indebted to Dr. North for saving my friend.”

Don Bemont

“Dr. Neely North treats both of my dogs with acupuncture and other modalities. She treats them at home thereby giving them the advantage of calmly relaxing for their treatments rather than nervous and stressed at a clinic. Also, Dr. North has advised me of other holistic treatments, which have been a great benefit to both of my dogs.

My 12 year-old St. Pyrenees rescue has severe hip and shoulder arthritis. He got to a point where he could no longer get up.  Because of this, his prognosis was euthanasia.  Now, through acupuncture treatments, he is able to get up and gets around quite well. Being very knowledgeable, Dr. North has also advised me of other different modalities to support and assist him in his ageing years.

My 1.5 year-old Great Dane rescue was a puppy mill survivor and has survived incredible abuse in the past. Due to the bad physical shape she was in when I adopted her 6 months ago, I scheduled an acupuncture treatment with Dr. North.  She has put on weight yet she is still very fearful and afraid of just about everything.  If I had something in my hand she would run from me or hide until I put it down. During the treatment, she completely relaxed.  Later that same day, I was taking out a bag of garbage and she did not run from it. I waited a minute and she actuality came up to it, sniffed it and walked away.  Her curiosity was over coming her fears.   She even no longer walked around with her tail tucked tightly between her legs. 

After only one session, the difference in her demeanor is astonishing.  I am utterly amazed that acupuncture not only works for physical ailments but also for emotional conditions.”

Damian Carole Disterdick

“Grace was a nervous wreck until we met Dr. North and started acupuncture and herbals. She is absolutely a new dog! Acupuncture has vastly improved her quality of life and ours. Additionally, we have appreciated all the advice on diet.  We really feel we owe her new lease on life to Dr. North.”

Judith Hildebrand

poodle in dog bed- savannah holistic veterinary care

“We are so thankful for Dr. North! Our elderly poodle (Romeo) has severe stomach issues as well as a back issue, he is unable to take any traditional medicines due to his sensitive stomach.. so, we were thrilled when we learned that a holistic approach using Chinese Medicine was an option for him! He had a back episode last month, and the acupuncture treatments helped tremendously! Also, we are grateful for Dr. North’s home visits as Romeo is a rescue and has severe anxiety, so this is definitely a benefit for him – the special care that Dr. North provides is a blessing to us and our precious Romeo!”

Jeff Shaufelberger

dog on chair chewing on toy- savannah holistic veterinary care

“Dr. Neely has been treating Gigi since August and oh my have I seen a huge difference already! Gigi suffers from severe anxiety that started as storm anxiety and then escalated to separation anxiety as well. We both were suffering and I thought I had exhausted all of my options. I had her on several anxiety medications and maxed out on her dosages. She would still chew out of any crate! She broke off her teeth in the process. My poor pooch was so uptight all the time. Gigi also ate my drywall and door a few times. Now, she has been weaned off of most of her anxiety meds. She still takes one at the lowest dosage and some herbs that Dr. Neely prescribed. We have her acupuncture treatments scheduled every 4 weeks now, and she is a completely different dog. She can now lay in her kennel or out of the kennel without any issues, and also she will sleep through storms! We love Dr. Neely!!”

Bethany Long

dalmatian- savannah holistic vet

“Dr. North has been treating my 14+-year-old Dalmatian since mid-August. When she first examined him he could barely walk without losing balance and even standing was nearly impossible for him. Honestly, I didn’t think he had much time left. Her caring approach and comprehensive treatments (acupuncture, herbs, Assisi Loop, and physical therapy routine) began to take hold within a few weeks and he has continued to improve. The change has been dramatic in 10 weeks. He is now walking on his own and is bright, alert and enjoying a good quality of life. Dr. North has gone the extra mile to help him feel better and again enjoy being a happy dog. I am so grateful for her skill and compassion.”

Bonnie Kubasta