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Helping Your Pet Grow and Adjust

Many pets are often given away due to behavioral problems. Issues such as destroying furniture or the blinds are more common then you might think. These problems are often seen as discouraging however, most problems are fixable. Behavioral counseling can help get your pet on the right track. Change in behavior can even be a sign of illness or pain in your animal. Thus, behavior counseling can be lifesaving.

Dr. Neely begins each behavioral counseling session by giving you a questionnaire about your pet and their issues. Each in-home visit starts with a physical exam. You can expect the initial consultation to last an hour to an hour and a half. Dr. Neely works with both you and your pet to fully understand your pet’s behavioral issues. Sometimes we encourage our pet’s bad behavior when we think we are comforting them and make the problem worse. Through different sessions and communication between you and Dr.Neely, she is able to find the solution that will work best for you and your pet. Solutions can be minor adjustments like herbal remedies or a combination of traditional and western approaches. The goal is to find the cause of your pet’s behavior issues and then a solution.

Common Behavior Issues:

Separation anxiety
Problems with litter box training and spraying
Destructive chewing and digging
Possessive aggression
Noise anxiety
Neurotic, obsessive, or compulsive behavior
Aggression towards others