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black lab laying on floor- savannah holistic veterinary care

Acupuncture is a great healer.

Last summer our 12-year-old Labrador, Sammie walked across the living room floor and collapsed. Her hind legs gave out on her. We were up in northern Michigan and a quick trip to the vet came back with a scary diagnosis. Sammie had ruptured four discs in her back. He suggested we try medication and five weeks of complete rest but wasn’t very hopeful. After five weeks, I brought her home to see Dr. Neely North. I had seen how she had helped a friend’s aging Dachshund. Dr. North started Sammie on acupuncture treatments. After the first one, Sammie seemed more comfortable. After the second there was a marked improvement. After the third, she was back to a new normal. A bit slower but able to build up to a daily mile walk and as you can see from this photo, at almost 13 years old she is pain-free and enjoying life. I can’t say enough for the skill, attention, and genuine concern Dr. North has for all her patients and their humans. Acupuncture is a great healer. I’ve had it done on myself several times but with humans, there is always the question did it work, or was it a placebo effect? Dogs have none of these complicated possibilities. Dogs don’t know about acupuncture they just ARE the result. Thank you Neely North for all you do.

Constance Gabrielli