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Dr. North has helped us maximize Margo’s quality of life

We started working with Dr. North in November 2020 when we noticed some mobility changes in Margo. A month into working together, Margo was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. We felt so hopeless and scared when we received that diagnosis from her vet. Dr. North has helped us maximize Margo’s quality of life over the last year by connecting us to resources and offering nutritional/supplement advice we otherwise would not have known about. I have learned so much from her. She is an advocate and cheerleader for Margo (and us) as we navigate this progressive disease process. Acupuncture in our home has allowed Margo to be as comfortable as possible for the session. It has helped with muscle tension and improved her back extremity sensations. Margo has tolerated acupuncture much better than I anticipated and loves when Dr. North comes to visit. In a diagnosis that feels hopeless, Dr. North has offered the guidance and compassionate care we need. We know she is part of the reason we still get to enjoy days with our Margo.

Margo’s Family