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He had more energy, and overall just seemed happier.

I am so glad I contacted Nashville Holistic Veterinary Care. My 14-year-old boy Chandler had been doing laser therapy at his regular vet for a few months after injuring his back. It was helping, but after 1 acupuncture treatment with Dr. North, changing his (and his sister’s) diets, and adding in some supplements, there is such a huge change in him!! He started getting up from his bed or floor by himself, he had more energy, and overall just seemed happier. We found out through an x-ray from his regular vet this summer that he had a mass in his spleen. After seeing a specialist, it was determined that his gall bladder should be removed, so after consulting with Dr. North, I decided to have both his gall bladder and spleen removed. It was major surgery, but Chandler was back to his normal self within a week! I KNOW it would not have happened if I hadn’t started the sessions with Dr. North. She is the best!! I can never thank her enough for everything she’s done for Chandler. She will be helping me with his sister next.

Anna Warren