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I consider Dr. North’s monthly Acupuncture treatments essential

“I consider Dr. North’s monthly Acupuncture treatments essential to maintain the quality of the last year of Coal’s life and provide an easeful transition for both him and me.  With complications from a growing tumor in his spleen, dental issues, and degradation of his hip joints, he had a slow decline, but he always responded well to dietary recommendations, and the needle treatments greatly improved his energy. Dr. North was extremely supportive with her compassionate expertise to help with the most natural transition possible. I’m so grateful!”

“Squid is a 12-year-old poodle, who has a bit of anxiety and some arthritis in her hips and lower spine. Dr. North’s treatments consistently help with both! Her chiropractic adjustments have improved Squid’s range of motion in her neck and spine, and the acupuncture helps significantly with her anxiety.  Dietary recommendations and herbal supplements have also improved her energy and overall quality of life.”

Dawn Tanis