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I truly believe Trudy has been happier and healthier

Our vet referred us to Dr. North as I wanted more for Trudy than what was offered or available in a traditional medical/veterinary model. Since we started seeing Dr. North for acupuncture and clinic consults, I truly believe Trudy has been happier and healthier. Dr. North provides realistic AND holistic interventions that have provided results, and that I can often incorporate into Trudy’s home regimen, whether acupuncture techniques, dental hygiene, or Vitamin D supplementation (Trudy’s was low and we didn’t know until we started seeing Dr. North). Dr. North’s clinical input and recommendations have positively impacted Trudy’s quality of life, including her nutritional status, anxiety, sleep, and coat/nails just to name a few areas. Trudy also loves going for her acupuncture treatments and absolutely loves seeing Dr. North. From an owner standpoint, I always feel supported and reassured by Dr. North, in a way that isn’t often available in the traditional veterinary model. Meeting with Dr. North has been invaluable with regard to Trudy’s health and wellness, and for my peace of mind.

Trudy’s mom, Erin