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I trust Dr. North implicitly.

When we first moved to Savannah, I interviewed Dr. North because I wanted the best for my beagle, Katrina, who was diagnosed with kidney failure. We entrusted Dr. North with Katrina’s care; we never once questioned her commitment, her knowledge, and her compassion. When KT (Katrina) was no longer able to fight, it was Dr. North who came to the home and helped KT to pass in peace and surrounded by her family.

I never forgot that; neither will Dr. North.

She repaired Milo’s knee and helped him recover. He was one of her first acupuncture patients.

When I was completing my dissertation for my doctorate, I once more interviewed Dr. North. I think the following quotes speak volumes about her compassion and professionalism:

“I am responsible for being an advocate for my patients – doing everything I can do to be sure their quality of life is the best it can be.”

“I see how important the human-animal bond is and I see how hurtful it is when that is broken. We will all lose pets, but I like for their time with their human to be as long and as happy as possible. My empathy gets deeper with more time in this field- it has a lot to do with seeing people on one of the worst days of their life and helping to comfort them. The feeling of making that transition as painless and carefree as it can be for the animal is rewarding and it makes me realize how much they trust us… these things reinforce my commitment to animals and our bond with them.”

I trust Dr. North implicitly. I wish her the very best.

Dorothy J. Simnett, PhD