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Lucy has more energy and seemed steadier on her feet.

Lucy, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever, has multiple health problems including a generalized anxiety disorder, partial facial paralysis, and recurring episodes of pancreatitis and colitis, possibly caused by the anxiety.  Currently, Lucy is suffering from arthritis in her hind legs which often causes her to lose her balance and fall when out for a short walk.  We started cold laser treatments, which seemed to be helping, but I reached out to Dr. North to see if acupuncture would do more to enhance Lucy’s quality of life.  I’m so glad I did because since we started seeing Dr. North, we’ve adjusted Lucy’s diet to add holistic supplements, began using an Assisi Loop daily, and added acupuncture treatments.

Recently, Lucy began having head tremors, almost like mini seizures, in response to certain sounds.  Dr. North prescribed Chinese herbs to treat these neurological events.
In addition, we started using CBD oil.

 Lucy loves when Dr. North comes to see her.  Her reaction to the acupuncture treatments has been positive and there’s no stress like when we go to the Veterinarian’s office.  Best of all, Lucy has more energy and seemed steadier on her feet. She even runs across the backyard and plays with the other dogs in our family.

Marie Foley