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She has been just a Godsend for both Chance and my sanity.

Chance is a 4 yr old Maltese-Shih’Tzu mix and has been seeing Dr. North since February for seizures. They started back in September 2019 and were progressively getting worse by the month both in frequency and intensity. We tried traditional medication but the side effects were not something I wanted him to endure indefinitely. After extensive research, I found Dr. North and she has been just a Godsend for both Chance and my sanity. So far he’s had 3 acupuncture treatments along with a customized herbal blend and CBD oil 2x a day with his new home-cooked meal plan all per recommended by Dr. North. In just 2 short months he has already shown great improvement. The intensity & frequency of his seizures has significantly decreased. Before I met Dr. North I honestly feared for my baby’s life due to the rate of progression. Now I feel a sense of hope that this is something that can be managed without causing further harm to his other essential organs. We love Dr. North and thank her so much for being that beacon of hope for us.