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dog on chair chewing on toy- savannah holistic veterinary care

She is a completely different dog.

Dr. Neely has been treating Gigi since August and oh my have I seen a huge difference already! Gigi suffers from severe anxiety that started as storm anxiety and then escalated to separation anxiety as well. We both were suffering and I thought I had exhausted all of my options. I had her on several anxiety medications and maxed out her dosages. She would still chew out of any crate! She broke off her teeth in the process. My poor pooch was so uptight all the time. Gigi also ate my drywall and door a few times. Now, she has been weaned off of most of her anxiety meds. She still takes one at the lowest dosage and some herbs that Dr. Neely prescribed. We have her acupuncture treatments scheduled every 4 weeks now, and she is a completely different dog. She can now lay in her kennel or out of the kennel without any issues, and also she will sleep through storms! We love Dr. Neely!!

Bethany Long