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Nashville (615) 601-2692 Savannah (912) 503-9802

Holistic Vet Serving Nashville, TN and Savannah, GA

Nashville Holistic Veterinary Care and Savannah Holistic Veterinary Care provides you with personalized holistic vet care. Our primary goal is to restore your pet to health with the use of several, natural treatment options, including Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, nutrition and behavioral consultations, and herbal remedies. We are focused on ensuring the health of your pet’s entire being, not just treating the symptoms of disease.

Please note, Nashville Holistic Veterinary Care does not provide routine veterinary services. It is strongly encouraged that you see your regular veterinarian for checkups, vaccinations, diagnostics, etc.

Holistic Veterinary Services In Nashville, TN

Holistic Veterinary Services in Nashville

Integrative holistic veterinary services offered in-home or in clinic.
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Holistic Veterinary Services In Savannah, GA

Holistic Veterinary Services in Savannah

Convenient in-home holistic treatment for a variety of needs.
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