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Amazingly, we saw an immediate change.

When I contacted Dr. North, my senior dog was having a hard time getting up, making his way onto furniture, and was having accidents in the house- to sum it all up, he wasn’t feeling like himself. Dr. North helped to identify an underlying health issue and started acupuncture on Devo during her first home visit. Amazingly, we saw an immediate change. Devo had more energy and was able to jump up on the bed and into the back of the truck without assistance! Devo has since started taking Chinese herbs, which he patiently waits to be sprinkled on top of his food before eating. He also loves his visits with Dr. North- not only does he become totally zen during his session, but he is also always excited about all of the attention and treats  Dr. North gives him. We highly recommend holistic veterinary medicine and plan to integrate it into the lives of all of our future pets! In fact, my husband and I have been so impressed with Devo’s results, that we’ve recently taken up weekly acupuncture and holistic approaches for ourselves. We love Dr. North and everything that she has done for us!

Haley Hiller