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Her acupuncture/holistic care visits have helped her mobility

Working with Dr. North has given me peace of mind that I’m doing everything I can do for our sweet 15 yr. old Basset Charley as she ages/ fights cancer. I have a better understanding of how to cook for her, treat simple things like diarrhea and loss of appetite as well as an understanding of what is happening in her body now that she is sick. Her acupuncture/holistic care visits have helped her mobility, helped with chemotherapy side effects, and have been great for Charley’s overall quality of life.”

“Dr. North has also taught us and brought us comfort that there is never an end to learning about options for Charley’s care and ensuring we provide her the best quality of life. I wish I had her in our life with our past pets but thankful for the knowledge I have now and will have for all our pets in the future.

Melanie Aguto