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Crosby - Dog - Nashville Holistic Vet

Her treatment plan for Crosby has made him feel better than ever.

It’s so hard to put into words how grateful we are to Dr. Neely North for bringing our silly, loving, playful little puppy back to us. Crosby was only four years old when we realized that his quality of life was so bad we had to do something. That’s when we met Dr. North and she began working with Crosby. He had been diagnosed by our veterinarian with stress-induced colitis. He was taking Metronidazole every day and eating a diet of bland canned dog food. Lots of days he didn’t want to eat. When he did eat his little stomach would bloat up and be painful. He would have bouts of diarrhea after he ate sometimes with lots of blood in it. Which was so scary. At least one night a week he would have an accident in his bed. Most days he slept a lot – exhausted from his pain. He quit playing with his toys and his sister, Lily, our chocolate lab. He growled and snapped at our grandkids, who he loved, when they came near him. But today we are so grateful to Dr. Neely North. Her treatment plan for Crosby has made him feel better than ever. He receives acupuncture and b12 every 4-6 weeks. And he eats a diet of food he truly loves. Best of all his silly, loving, playful self is back and playing with our grandkids and his sister, Lily.