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The difference in her demeanor is astonishing

The difference in her demeanor is astonishing

Dr. Neely North treats both of my dogs with acupuncture and other modalities. She treats them at home thereby giving them the advantage of calmly relaxing for their treatments rather than being nervous and stressed at a clinic. Also, Dr. North has advised me of other holistic treatments, which have been a great benefit to both of my dogs.

My 12-year-old St. Pyrenees rescue has severe hip and shoulder arthritis. He got to a point where he could no longer get up.  Because of this, his prognosis was euthanasia.  Now, through acupuncture treatments, he is able to get up and gets around quite well. Being very knowledgeable, Dr. North has also advised me of other different modalities to support and assist him in his aging years.

My 1.5-year-old Great Dane rescue was a puppy mill survivor and has survived incredible abuse in the past. Due to the bad physical shape she was in when I adopted her 6 months ago, I scheduled an acupuncture treatment with Dr. North.  She has put on weight yet she is still very fearful and afraid of just about everything.  If I had something in my hand she would run from me or hide until I put it down. During the treatment, she completely relaxed. Later that same day, I was taking out a bag of garbage and she did not run from it. I waited a minute and she actually came up to it, sniffed it, and walked away.  Her curiosity was overcoming her fears.  She even no longer walked around with her tail tucked tightly between her legs. 

After only one session, the difference in her demeanor is astonishing.  I am utterly amazed that acupuncture not only works for physical ailments but also for emotional conditions.

Damian Carole Disterdick