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We are so thankful to Dr. North for her experienced care and concern.

We are so thankful to Dr. North for her experienced care and concern.

Dr. North began treating my mixed breed rescue dog, Lulah, about two years ago for degenerative back issues. At the time she was 14 years old. Even after the first treatment, we saw continuous, positive improvement in Lulah’s health and well-being. Dr. North recognized various maladies and behaviors that led us to a multi-pronged treatment including acupuncture and diet changes. Because of Dr. North’s care, Lulah no longer needed to take harsh painkillers that made her groggy and damaged her liver. Sadly, Lulah passed away in September 2018 but Dr. North was right there by our side as Lulah crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Lulah lived her last months in less pain and discomfort because of the acupuncture and holistic treatment Dr. North provided.


Fast forward several months and Lulah’s sister dog, Jia, began a terrible bout of vomiting that just wouldn’t stop. She spent a full week in the Emergency Vet and Regular Vet’s offices receiving fluid treatments to lower her elevated liver enzymes. While we couldn’t pinpoint an exact cause for the elevated levels, she was diagnosed with pancreatitis and given supplements to improve her liver and gall bladder functions. She was also put on an extremely strict low-fat diet. Jia, 9 years old, had always looked up to her big sister Lulah for guidance and affirmation – never really having the self-confidence on her own. She was skittish around loud noises and over time her tolerance to thunderstorms grew less and less. Spring thunderstorms threw Jia into a full-on panic attack of panting, shaking, and crouching behind or under her human as best she could. Jia’s all-inclusive treatment included acupuncture, herbs, home-cooked food, and CBD oil. Jia improved and she can now endure a thunderstorm with minimal concern. Her demeanor has brightened and I know it’s due to Dr. North’s insightful and meaningful care. I fully believe Jia was mourning the loss of her sister Lulah and it manifested itself into physical ailments such as vomiting and anxiety. We are so thankful to Dr. North for her experienced care and concern.